15th International Workshop on Neural Coding

Neural Coding '23

The 15th International Workshop on Neural Coding was held 27 February to 4 March 2023 at the historic beach town of Piriápolis, Uruguay.

Since 1995, this biennial event provides for multidisciplinary efforts of neurophysiologists, computer scientists, biophysicists, mathematicians, engineers, cognitive neuroscientists and others, bringing them to share their expertise towards outstanding issues in solving the neural code.


The workshop consists of single track multi-disciplinary sessions spanning over 80 podium and poster presentations.

Special emphasis is placed on exchange leading to fruitful collaborations between attendees. These may be further fostered by social and cultural events integrated into the meeting.

Previous meetings have been hosted in Prague (1995), Versailles (1997), Osaka (1999), Plymouth (2001), Aulla (2003), Marburg (2005), Montevideo (2007), Tainan (2009), Limassol (2010), Prague (2012), Versailles (2014), Cologne (2016), Torino (2018), and Seattle (2021, online).

Topical areas have typically covered diverse aspects of brain-computer interfaces, coupled oscillators, information theory, network architecture and dynamics, probabilistic models, sensory systems, and spike train analysis.

Selected presentations have also been published in workshop Special Issues over the years.

Over 30 participants joined us the 2023 austral summer season for a lively meeting aiming to facilitate discussion across all functional levels of the nervous system – from sub-cellular to systems levels and behavior-, and to work out important implications for sensory, cognitive, motor, autonomous and control processes.

Supported by IBRO